Hydroelectric Dams in Ethiopia and Namibia

Description Of The Project

Africa is growing increasingly influential and self-sufficient in the world. This is especially true for a country like Ethiopia, who is increasingly harnessing their natural resources in innovative ways. One task that the Ethipian government took on was constructing the third biggest hydroelectric dam in Africa. They started this project in 2006, and a decade later were still building a massive structure and it’s components to efficiently harness the energy. The walls were colossal, about 250 meters high. We worked with a Canadian engineering company to build all the DC motor control panels and E-houses for the conveyance system that was used to pour all the cement/concrete materials for the dam. A dam that size required components and panels durable and secure enough to last for not days or months, but years. As far as we know, the concrete was being poured into the structure for two years, non-stop.