New York City Water Treatment Plant

Description Of The Project

Being the most populated city in the US, and 10th in the world, inevitably comes with complex and unique challenges. Here’s one question you don’t think about: How do you reliably supply clean water to a metropolitan area of nearly 9.4 million New Yorkers…every single day.

It’s a daunting task, and one with so many variables that are in need of being controlled. This is where we come in. Through working with our partners we were honoured to manufacture and deliver 168 Type 4X 304SS UV disinfection panels that could be relied upon daily for decades to come. These control panels are an integral part in the process of treating and disinfecting over 2 billion gallons of water every day. The UV technology our partners engineered and designed ensured safe and environmentally friendly water treatment solutions for millions of people. We’re proud to have been apart in the control systems implementation of the largest drinking water UV facility in the world.

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