World-Class Wave Pool in California

Description Of The Project:

Technological advancements have allowed one of our customers to imitate a seemingly uncontrollable phenomenon: ocean waves. You may be familiar with “wave pools” or “FlowRiders” found at amusement parks, but this project was building a world-class wave simulator that could generate waves 2 meters high for world champion surfers. The builders had to deal with multiple factors like turbulence, oscillation variables and building the pool 200 kilometers away from the coast, to name a few. Where do we come in? Behind a plethora of processes, we were tasked with making the custom operator console used for centralized control of the components. We were able to troubleshoot and tailor the console to ensure the reliability of our solutions.

As Science Magazine puts it, the wave pool could “fundamentally alter the surf world, and artificial as it may be, redefine the search for the perfect wave”.