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Every project is unique and we’re there to back you up. ACP offers a wide range of enclosure types and utilizes custom enclosures on a regular basis. From painted mild steel to aluminum and even stainless steel, we can create  custom control panels for every situation. We build panels for:

World-Class Control Solutions.

Specialized in Providing World-Class Panel Building.

At ACP Solutions, we know your manufacturing process requires reliability, efficiency and the effective long-term solutions to stay on top of today’s changing marketplace.

ACP Solutions gives industry the precision automation control to run manufacturing and production. Time is a critical factor in your business; so we offer our client care guarantee to work with you. From design to installation your custom panel meets your specific needs and integrates with existing systems. We provide you with short lead times, factory acceptance test support, firmware updating and hardware configuration as well as cost reduction recommendations to provide you with the best industry insights.

We can create custom lamicoids, device identification tags and placards in a variety of materials and colours.

With our Topmark Neo Laser Marking System and the Gravograph New Hermes Engraver, we ensure accuracy. Accurate engraving provides ease of use for your operators and a quicker learning process for new employees. State of the art equipment on our end creates an operating system that is safer and more efficient.

From brass, plastic to anodized aluminum, our in house system allows us to pass savings onto to you. Because the little things do matter, at ACP we exceed your expectations and create an automation control panel that works down to the last details.

We Help Industries Discover Innovative And Efficient Controls.


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